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Physical Therapy For Upper Back Pain-Causes And Treatment

Upper back pain is less common but can be just as aching as lower back or neck pain. The upper back is designed to hold the upper body and neck rather than to twist and turn. Your upper back can result in pain from injury or strain or even from too little motion. Once you have secluded the cause of your upper back pain it will be more easily treated. The muscular irritation and joint malfunction are root causes of pain in the upper back.

What Is Joint Malfunction?

Joint malfunction is most possibly caused due to strain or injury to the joints between the ribs and the upper back. Physical therapy for upper back pain can manipulate the upper back in order to relax and also strengthen those muscles to relieve the strain and prevent future injury. As part of treatment you may also take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the upper back pain. A steroid shot will perhaps not be used unless it is injected right at the point where the pain initiates known as the trigger point.

What Is Muscular Irritation?

If you suffer from muscular irritation, it is most likely not caused by strain or injury but rather from lack of motion or poor muscle strength in the shoulder girdle which connects the scapula to the thoracic cavity. Upper back pain in this case can be reduced by deep muscle massage, physical therapy, and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Are There Other Causes?

One of the less commonly found causes of upper back pain is herniated or ruptured disk. Most of the people who come for a herniated disk treatment, only 1 percent of them have problems in the upper back. Another unusual cause for pain in the upper back is degenerative disk disease. Those who work long hours at the computer or at a desk are more likely candidates to be suffered by upper back pain than the general population. Good posture would help to lessen the problem as well as strengthening exercises.


This pain may require a combination of several therapies targeted at the individual requirements of the patient. One of such therapy is physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy addresses the primary causes of the upper back pain and restores a pain-free movement of the back bones and muscles. It makes the patient to get rid of bad postures acquired over the years and learn the good postures.

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