Thursday, August 21, 2014

Physical Therapy For Neck Pain- A Treatment For Alleviating Pain In Your Neck

There are many different reasons that may cause pain in your neck. Bad posture, sleeping strangely, a fall, or a motor vehicle accident can lead to neck stiffness, soreness, and pain. Physical therapy for neck pain can be used in these cases to reduce such stiffness and pain. 

Neck pain can be felt throughout the region including the side of neck, the top of the neck, and just above the shoulder blades. A physical therapist will first help locate the root cause of your pain and then create a tailored treatment plan for you so that your neck pain is reduced without any further injury. If you experience pain radiating down your arms because of chronic neck pain, see a doctor immediately as this can be a sign of nerve damage. 

There is difference between the severity of neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes when you experience severe neck pain, it can vanish after just a few days. But if your pain continues, see a doctor or physical therapist. They may prescribe physical therapy to help with this medical condition. Physical therapy works in a number of ways to relieve neck pain and treat the injury. 

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What To Expect in Physical Therapy?

You can expect different types of treatments during physical therapy for neck pain, like:

1. Postural Correction

Your physical therapist will most likely examine your posture to determine if your posture is reason behind your neck pain. If so, a physical therapist will give you recommendations and exercises that help you to gain the correct posture. 

2. Massage

If your physical therapist finds that muscle tightness is a major cause of your neck pain, they may implement massage techniques to loosen up these muscles and relieve pain.

3. Stretching and Exercises

Stretching and exercises will most likely be the main focus of your physical therapy treatment.  If exercise and stretching is combined, they can simultaneously strengthen your neck muscles while making them looser and more flexible. The end result is a neck that is able to bear daily activity better due to its strength and loosen muscles that no more cause stiffness and soreness. 

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